Welcome to IEC Abroad

Welcome to IEC Abroad, your university advice specialists. We can help you find a place at a university that is right for you.

We understand that each student is different. We will find the best academic route for you and ensure that your transition to higher education is smooth, simple and enjoyable.

We will guide you through all stages of the application process - and because we understand adapting to a new country can be challenging, our our consultants are here to help.

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Application Process

Step 1

Contact IEC Abroad

You can contact us over email, over the phone, or visit us in one of our offices

Step 2

Speak to a Consultant

You will be assigned your own education consultant and can talk to them about your situation and what you are looking for.

Step 3

Consultant Suggests University

After a conversation, your consultant will consider your situation and suggest the best option for you.

Step 4

IEC Submits Application

Once you have sent us all your documents, we will make an application for you!

Step 5

Receive Offer!

IEC Abroad helped me a lot to get my visa. The commitment which they have to get through of all hurdles for a student is very impressive. They guided me and followed for each and every step in visa process,a university selection and an application. They followed the university, visa interview preparation etc.I am very thankful to IEC Abroad.


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